Bleur & MB1

Bleur & MB1


Second State | Planet Rythm | Elevate


After 15 years of friendship Bleur & MB1 becomes a dynamic techno duo to discover a new world in the music  scene.  Behind this name exist a combination of 2 different people and     their sound, result in a powerfull raw dark and loud Techno.

 They are based in Thessaloniki where they have live appearances.

They have signed for a lot of respected labels and they explore the techno world with their unique sound.

Also they have achieved to entry in the elite of the techno labels, supported by the biggest artists of the scene, with signs on labels such as the mighty Second State, the legendary Planet Rhythm, Elevate, Set About, KD Raw, Odd Recordings, Say What? and BLK DRP.

Exclusive Worldwide

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