Christian Bonori

Christian Bonori



                 Christian Bonori is an Italian dj, producer and remixer appreciated on the national club scene.
Since his late teens, Christian has always been truly passionate about house and techno music.
In 2000, he started his dj career playing in some disco clubs close to his hometown area in the North of Italy. Over time, he played in some of the most respected and well-known clubs in Italy, such as: MAGAZZINI GENERALI (Milan), VOX Club(Modena), MAFFIA Club (Reggio Emilia),BOLGIA Club (Bergamo) together with artists like Eric Sneo, Alex Picone, Idris D, Marco Dionigi, Chiara DC, Dj Rame, Steve Mantovani and many more. He also played in some European cities, including Munich, Berlin and Sarajeyo. Recently, he attended the LOFTAS FESTIVAL in Vilnius with Felix Krocher , Axel Karasakis and Mark Greene , plus another festival in Genoa, Italy, alongside Brian Sanhaji and Lewis Fautzi.

While working as a dj, Christian quickly realized that he wanted to express his own musical ideas and feelings through electronic music production and engineering. To pursue such an ambitious goal, in 2005 he started a partnership with Paul STone, an Italian music producer with releases on Compost Records and collaborations with the Black Box group (which released some 90s hits such as ‘Ride on time’, ‘Everybody everybody’, ‘I don’t know anybody else’ and many more).

Over the years, Christian has been releasing original tracks and remixes on respected record labels such as YOSHITOSHI, SUARA , BUSH RECORDS , PORNOGRAPHIC RECORDINGS , FRESHIN RECORDS,  KING STREET SOUNDS, ICONYC , BONZAI BASIKS , TRENTMUEHLE , PLUSQUAM RECORDS , FUNKATRONIC (Sammy Peralta’s label), STICK RECORDINGS (Alberto Ruiz’s label) and his own label ANALOGIC SOUND RECORDINGS. Great artists have remixed a number of Christian’s tracks: FELIX KROCHER, ALEX BAU, MARK REEVE, PIG & DAN , Oliver Klein , Hans Bouffmyhre  , FLUG, Da Fresh, Deas , Diego Hostettler , Forest People , Oscar Aguilera , Eric Sneo , Alberto Ruiz , Mike Wall , Cristian Varela , Krenzlin , and his tracks was  charted and supported by artists like SLAM , ALEX BAU , RADIO SLAVE , GUY J , HYBRASIL , RON COSTA , THOMAS SCHUMACHER , D-KNOX ,  TONI RIOS and many more.

Among upcoming projects, Christian is releasing new productions – both in vinyl and digital format – in collaboration with Orlando Voorn, including some hot remixes by Buschwacka  and Jerome Baker, and a new amazing vocal dance  project in collaboration with some hot singer !

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