Dad Of The Year

Dad Of The Year

Random Collective | Leveldva | The Magic Movement | Expmental


Dad of the Year is a pioneer of Montreal’s electronic music culture.He comes from this great era of storytellers when music was at the forefront of the clubbing experience. Known for his all night extended sets, his signature is unique, his obsession for quality unmatched.
Wether it is navigating through the rabbit holes of the darkest clubs or playing by the beach, he always displays his profound knowledge of the dance floor to bring a remarkable experience.
Living now in his beautiful Costa Rica paradise, Dad of the Year brings it full circle. As a father, as a husband, as DJ and Producer… sharing his life in music.
From dark and trippy to bright and melodic, he knows very well that the story cannot be contained in a “genre” but needs to be told by going through the full spectrum of emotions and intensity.

More focused than ever on his producing, Dad of the Year wants to make every single release memorable. Burning a memory inside your brain or an emotion and your heart. It might be dark, weird or unsettling… or beautiful and almost divine… but ultimately Dad of the Year takes your hand so you can go inside and find out more about yourself.
Expect big things coming in 2023. DOTY already released under The Magic Movement, Random Collective, Leveldva and EXPmental Records last year.



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