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If you love underground deep music sure you know the Mallorca based artist Frink. And if you don’t then we will let you know a little bit about him.

As balear artist, the balear house sound is in his blood and that you can feel it in his tracks with that peculiar groove and way to understand underground house music. With his very first releases he was in the charts of Beatport, and since more than 15 years over 70 tops in the known portal show that he is in the likes of many DJs and fans around the world. Past 2020 he was in the top 14 most charted artists in Deep House genre of Beatport.

Labels like Bondage Music , Little Helpers , Cyclic or Expmental Records have trusted his work, and we can always found him releasing in those labels and in many others. Has been remixed by very known artists in the underground scene and also worked as remixer for many of them. Many vinyl releases behind him where most of them are sold out shows many followers that the Spanish artists has in all different formats.

Also has over 19k monthly listeners in Spotify, real and organic as he doesn’t like promotion all his success comes from his music , he keeps himself underground and what you see in numbers is what it is.

As DJ has play in many countries in Europe and is normal to found him in Sisyphos Berlin , in his residencies in Mallorca like Mysa to name one and of course all the showcases of Expmental Records or Bondage Music , together with the events of Soundvision in places like Sonar , ADE or Ibiza.

If you need an underground house artist Frink is what you are looking for.



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