Steve Parker

Steve Parker

Muted | Planet Rythm | Cocoon | Synewave

Coming from the city of Porto, Steve Parker is one of the main national references when it comes to the wide range of techno sounds. Over the last 15 years, he has been exhibiting his work in catalogs as relevant as those of Ovum, Cocoon, Be As One Imprint, Synewave, Planet Rhythm or his Muted, cementing a career at home and abroad.

In his DJ sets, the laboratory work in the studio is reflected, in a versatile combination between eletronic and techno, where groovy rhythms combined with hypnotic lines are a treat for body and mind.

With several passages through stages of international and national festivals.

Steve Parker has been taking his hypnotic Techno from north to south of Portugal, and across borders in cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, Toronto, New York, Munich, Amsterdam and many others more.

As a producer, always faithful to his techno record printed on a Sonic signature of Hypnotic, deep and organic Techno.

With more than 50 discs printed in vinyl format on several world-renowned labels, such as Planet Rhythm, Cocoon, Synewave and his recent label, Muted Rec.


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